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RIBEZZI, an exclusive residence set in the hills of Nusa Dua, Bali, is a grand project undertaken by PT. Mega Nusatama

Inspired by the island’s captivating nature paired with influences from Italian style architecture, the residence of RIbezzi presents a new concept of living , offering privacy and the luxury of space both indoors and out.

Magnificent Design



Private domain of 31 villas providing peaceful and exclusive residence – Construction follows the shape of the land in order to strengthen the structure of buildings and minimize landfilling – Terasering concept used to provide each villa with its own view of the ocean or the mountains – Every residence included with a private path accessible from the front side.

The Perfect Harmony

The Perfect


Ribezzi residence is inspired by the tropical open spaces of Bali – The beautiful scenery and modern architecture have been combined to create an ample living environment for all – This concept adopted at the Ribezzi offers residents the possibilities of socializing without constraints.

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